EEZE Screed is the easiest concrete finishing tool you will ever use! 

When pouring concrete, it can be difficult to achieve a flat, even surface. Some people may spend countless hours installing other methods for grading the slab. Additionally, most tools to assist people when pouring concrete are non-adjustable or made to be disposable. 

EEZE Screed provides people with a convenient and hassle-free way to pour concrete in an even manner. The EEZE Screed is a revolutionary tool made of 100% steel, insuring maximum durability.  They are made to withstand the stress of a concrete pour.

To use, people can set the device out in the middle of a concrete pour. When it’s time to start the finishing process, they can fine-tune the device to the preferred elevation by turning the handles on both sides while using a rotating laser. People can then use the device to maintain a flat surface by striking off the top of the steel tube. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.